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Need to adjust your mortgage payment? Get refinance help today!

Refinance Your Home Now

In uncertain financial times, the homeowner has a large advantage over the person who does not own their own home: equity. Under most circumstances, a home that has been paid on for awhile appreciates in value, and if a good down payment was offered when the home was purchased, the home is instantly worth more than the loan payment - this difference in value to loan is known as equity and most often is positive.

During an economic downturn, the homeowner has an option to use their equity in several ways in order to save money. You can refinance your home now and draw out the equity in your home in several formats and for many different reasons. You can also refinance without drawing the equity in your home, but for other reasons such as in changing the terms of your home mortgage or to get a better rate or term that you are interested in at this point in your life.

Refinancing the Easy Way

Done improperly, as many agencies and lenders out there do, a home refinance can become an odyssey; months of endless paperwork, mistakes, filling out and submitting forms, changing terms and harassment for you and your employer at work as things are verified and re-verified. The entire process can take months and when it is all over you may end up in a worse position than when you started if your negotiations were not handled properly. allows you to start the process to refinance your home now and get it done the right way with far less headache and hassle. You can receive information on lenders that are able and willing to refinance your home right here and compare quotes between several lenders before deciding which you will go with. There is no cost or obligation to you for using this service or receiving and reviewing your quotes.

Save Your Home through Refinancing

If you are having financial difficulty and are receiving threatening letters from your mortgage lender which threaten foreclosure or other negative action such as a lawsuit, you might be able to put an end to that lender by refinancing your home through a new lender instead. With a refinance, your old mortgage will be paid off and a new one is created in its place. This new mortgage may have a better interest rate, be fixed instead of adjustable rate, have a longer or shorter term as you need, and best of all, you are starting fresh with a new lender, offering you a chance to improve on any mistakes you may have made in the past with your past lender. The refinance process also often comes with a grace period of up to three months where you will have no mortgage payment, allowing you to get your finances set up and prepared to meet your new obligation.